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Call it irony or serendipity, but the first time Austin saw Brittany, she was floating in a diamond ring-shaped floaty at the beach. 

Mutual friends brought them together that sunny spring day in 2017, and they instantly hit it off. By that 4th of July, Austin introduced Brittany to his family and officially asked her to be his girlfriend during the fireworks show that night. 

Like all couples with great chemistry, their differences make them a perfect fit. He grew up in the South, she's from the North. He's laid-back, she's not so much. He loves hunting and being outdoors, while she's happier inside with the A/C blasting. ​But when it comes to their values, they're deeply aligned. Family is their number one priority and both value the relationships they have with their loved ones.


Austin (finally) ended up on one knee in Brittany's living room on 02.02.2022. Though he originally had big plans for a sunset proposal at the park, it couldn't have been a more perfect moment.


Now that you know how their story began, let's celebrate the beginning of their next chapter together on March 3, 2023.

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march third, twenty twenty-three

at 4 o'clock in the afternoon

up the creek farms

3590 valkaria road

malabar, fl 32950

reception to follow

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